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I have a php project developed using zend framework, when i hosted to my local server(CentOS) i got the below error:

The mysql driver is not currently installed 

I have installed and enabled pdo_mysql on php.ini, but it is not effected my phpinfo. Phpinfo only show pdo_sqlite not see pdo_mysql.

Another issue in my machine is phpinfo shows PHP version 5.2.8 and from terminal it shows PHP 5.1.6. Are there two php version running my machine? Help is highly appreciated.

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do a file search for php.exe and see what you'll find – Adi Jun 13 '12 at 6:55
no exe file , it is a linux machine CentOs – vks Jun 13 '12 at 7:05
Oops, sorry.. check in your httpd.conf for PHPIniDir you'll see the version used by apache – Adi Jun 13 '12 at 7:12

Check your phpinfo() output for the location of the php.ini file used and make sure to adapt that file. It's perfectly possible to have multiple versions of php running on a single computer.

It will show near the top of the output as (here's mine):

 Loaded Configuration File      /etc/php5/apache2filter/php.ini 

that would be the location of the file you need to edit to affect your webserver instance php behaviour.

make sure to extension=php_pdo_mysql.so in it to load the mysql pdo driver

finally also make sure that extension_dir points to the directory where your libraries are found, using an absolute path; you can find that in phpinfo() under Core (and in your php.ini when you want to adapt it obviously)

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