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I used to use IntelliJ IDEA as my development environment and I have recently started to use MyEclipse.

In IntelliJ, pressing the F11 key toggles a bookmark. IntelliJ creates a tic or a correct mark to the left side of the editor and a black icon in right side of editor to indicate that the line is bookmarked.

Pressing SHIFT F11 then presents a list of your bookmarks enabling another means of navigating around the codebase.

Does MyEclipse have similar functionality and if it does how do I use it?

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The following blog entry discusses Bookmark functionality in Eclipse not MyEclipse.

It includes the alternative strategy of adding a // TODO comment to the code which will place that in the the Tasks view but in a collaborative project I would think it better to leave TODO comments for tasks arising out of incurred technical debt and future code re-factoring.


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Great tip, Rob. Note that MyEclipse is eclipse with a bunch of good plug-ins, so that works in MyEclipse also. –  Tony Weddle Jun 18 '12 at 5:28

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