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Can you please give me significance, difference and uses for Heap and PermGen. Also it would be good to know what class are loaded in them respectively.

Explanation related to Java VM specification would be really helpful

Thanks Punith

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Memory(Heap) is managed in generations, or memory pools holding objects of different ages. Garbage collection occurs in each generation when the generation fills up. Objects are allocated in a generation for younger objects or the young generation, and because of infant mortality most objects die there.

When any new object is constructed it goes to Eden space which is a part of Young Generation.

If object is still alive after some time it goes to tenured generation where long lived objects lie.

If object is supposed to live until over process exist then object is moved to Perm Generation.Java classes are stored in the permanent generation.

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Good links are there in What does PermGen actually stand for?. Especially liked this blog

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Well i'm no expert, but the PermGem memory resides within the Heap, since its like a special place where all the classes are loaded at runtime. So if you have too many classes, the PermGem throws an OutOfMemoryException. And well the heap stores the objects you instanciate within your java code, where the GC collects the objects that are not referenced by any variable in a running thread in the stack.

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Thats not true. PerGen is a separate from heap space. check (this)[… – Santosh Jun 13 '12 at 7:31
yeah, you are correct. I'm not sure were i read otherwise but it does make sense since what they meant to achieve with separating it is for the GC to not check for permanent data, so it just checks the heap for "things" that he can collect. – Edward M.B. Jun 13 '12 at 21:37

I believe Permgen is memory area inside Heap memory only. It is created for special purpose like holding String.

All the object created does not get Permgen Memory It is only for special clasess like String in JDK 6 or below.

In modern JDK versions like 8 and above, Pergen is not found however new memory like Non Heap and other various cache memories are introduced.

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