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In my JSF+Primefaces application. I am using JSF validators tags to validation the input of text box

<p:inputText value="#{createAccessPrivilegeBean.name}" id="name" label="name" size="55" required="true"
    requiredMessage="#{messages.requiredError}" validatorMessage="#{messages.alphaNumericError}">
    <f:validateRegex pattern="#{validatorBean.accessprivilegeValidator}"></f:validateRegex>
    <f:validateLength maximum="10"></f:validateLength>

Now for required message I had specified the message in requiredMessage attribute for all other validation tags I am using common message is coming which I have defined in validatorMessage attribute.

I need separate message for different validation like if validateRegex failed I need different validation message or if validateLength fails I need different validation message.

how Can I do that ??

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look here stackoverflow.com/a/10411840/617373 –  Daniel Jun 13 '12 at 7:22

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Here is the link for the solution:


Thanks to Daniel.

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If you found an answer useful to you on stackoveflow , you can upvote it with the ^ button next to it... –  Daniel Jun 13 '12 at 12:37

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