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Can I install matlab on beagleboard xm (running ubuntu 12.04)? If I can't how can I run matlab on beagleboard xm. I installed octave and it runs perfect but I need to use Matlab.

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These are the requirements : System Requirements - Release 2012a –  zellus Jun 13 '12 at 11:04

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With the proper toolbox, you could generate code than run on ARM processors like the BeagleBoard

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The short answer is NO. zellus is correct. Matlab requires a SSE2 instruction set. All ARM chip does not support SSE2. Just different architecture. See the disscussion at Mathworks: http://www.mathworks.co.kr/matlabcentral/newsreader/view_thread/320518


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Referring to System Requirements - Release 2012a MATLAB only runs on

Any Intel or AMD x86 processor supporting SSE2 instruction set**

As stated on BeagleBoard-xM Product Details

BeagleBoard-xM delivers extra ARM ® Cortex TM-A8

is equipped with an ARM processor. Therefore I expect MATLAB not to run.

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As already pointed out you probably don't want to (or can) install Matlab on the beagleboard but have Matlab generate C-code that will run on the board. For this you will need either Matlab Coder or Matlab Embedded Coder. The embedded toolbox produces "better/cleaner" code but is pricier than its non-embedded alternative. Please also note that if you need to do the same with Matlab simulink models you need even more toolboxes.

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