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I wanted to implement inheritance, As I followed this article I did not get database deign, I was only able to create the models as follows and I created file InheritBehavior.php under Model/Behaviour as in the article. So how to design the database for these models to support inheritance

class Animal extends AppModel{
    var $name='Animal';

App::import('Model', 'Animal');
class Mammal extends Animal{
public $actsAs = array( 'Inherit' ); 
}   var $name= 'Mammal';


App::import('Model', 'Animal');
class Insect extends Animal{
    var $name='Insect';

Animal: id, age
Mammal: id, no_of_legs ('age' is common)
Insect: id, no_of_wings ('age' is common)

What is the database design for this(Multiple Table Inheritance).

Is it a good idea to use Inheritance instead of Associations(using hasOne and belongsTo) for this type, Will this be well supported by cakephp ?

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Sort answer: no, it is not a good idea.

In OOP it is recommended to always prefer composition over inheritance.

You are doing it wrong.

In OOP there is something we call Liskov substitution principle (for dumb down version: image). This means, that you should not remove or fundamentally change functionality, when sub-classing.

Also, using animals as OOP example always ends up horribly. Classify following: whale(no legs), bat(has wings), lice(no wings). I guess you see the problem.

And one other thing. As CakePHP user you might not be aware of it, but in PHP5 we have define variables as either private, public or protected. Instead of PHP4-style var.

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+1 For dumb down version image :D –  Deadlock Aug 14 '13 at 4:47

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