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Last month we made an app for the UEFA EURO 2012. The app shows live data of the current games played. When the championship is ended, the app becomes superfluous.

Now we got the idea to make an app for the Olympics. But these start soon and we have little time to develop.

I was wondering if it's possible to create the Olympics app in the same project as the EURO 2012 app. So delete all files that are in the EURO 2012 and create new files for the olympics app. We also change the icon and app name. So it becomes a new app and we can just submit it as an update the old app.

The big question is, does Apple approve this or is the update rejected when i submit it. The advantage of this approach is that we don't lose our current users and updating is faster than submitting a new app.

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You can use your old project, but you need to create new app in itunesconnect and provisioning portal. You need to create new target in your project to avoid code and file duplication. It may be done with all your previous source code and design, but it must be new app with unique name, icon and apple id. It's rather weird to transmute Euro 2012 app into Olympic app since you will not be able to change your app name in itunes.

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I am not entirely aware of their criteria to approve or reject an application. What I can say is, in terms of common sense, your app is going to probably be rejected. If you are creating a new app, just create a new project, use the classes in common to the previous projects and upload your new app.

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