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I have enabled dragging and dropping table rows on my web page (code below). Unfortunately when I use { revert: invalid } the row returns to its original location but with a slight offset. It looks to be about 5px down and to the right. This seems odd as I clone the entire table row. Can anyone offer any reason as to why?

function setupDragDrop(source, target) {
        revert: 'invalid',
        opacity: 0.9,
        cursor: 'move',
        helper: function(event) {
            var target = $('tr');
            var target_children = target.children();

            var clone = target.clone();

            clone.children().width(function(i,val) {
                return target_children.eq(i).width();

            return $('<div class="configbox drag-row"><table class="lanes"></table></div>')
        start : function() {
        stop: function() {
        appendTo: 'body'

        drop: function(event, ui) {
        accept: source.selector
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As a work around I have changed the revert function to alter the original start position to account for the weird offset like so:

revert: function (event, ui) {
    //overwrite original position
    $(this).data("draggable").originalPosition = {
        top: $(this).data("draggable") - 9,
        left: $(this).data("draggable").originalPosition.left - 9
    return !event;
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