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I can insert a row by using code below.

USE pmdb;
INSERT INTO md5_tbl (md5_val, username, password) VALUES(MD5('abcdef'), 'usna', MD5('Aa123456'));

How can i decrypt or decode password when i select the row by using username field?

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in addition to what others have said (MD5 is hashing not encryption): MD5 is Broken. –  Mitch Wheat Jun 13 '12 at 8:15

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Firstly, MD5 is a hashing algorithm = no decryption possible (except brute force attacks, but...)

Secondly, don't use MD5 for hashing passwords, it isn't secure at all. Instead, use at least SHA family + technique called "salting".

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A hash cannot be reversed. It is not "encryption". I suggest you take a look here for an explanation of the difference between hashing and encryption.

That said, I suppose you're trying to check a user's password upon login. The way it's done with hashes is:

  1. Hash password entered by user.

  2. Retrieve hashed password from database.

  3. Compare hashes (byte-per-byte) -- if they match, the password is correct.

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MD5 can't be decrypt,

You should search the value of the MD5 of your entered password in your database to compare.

SELECT * FROM md5_tbl WHERE password = MD5('password') AND username = 'username'
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The idea with MD5 is that you don't decrypt it again. Instead encrypt the password that the user provides and compare it to the value stored in your table.

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You can't. MD5 is not an encryption algorithm, it's a hashing algorithm.

What you do is that you hash the newly entered password and compare it with the hash stored in the database:

select *
from md5_tbl
where username = ?username and password = md5(?password)
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Rainbow tables? ;-)

MD5 is a one-way hashing algorithm. It can't be "decrypted".

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Drive-by downvotes months after the fact? Rubbish... –  tomfanning Aug 30 '12 at 13:24
select * from md5_tbl where username = 'username' AND password = MD5('password')

Don't forget to sanitize the input to prevent SQL injection attacks.

If you want to reverse MD5, you can't do that. Look into RSA, if you want to encrypt & decrypt something.

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