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First, I apologize for such a novice question again, and if this has been answered elsewhere.

There are too many template engine,I really do not know how to choose!I seriously study this, but still at a loss.

I mainly want to know the advantages of mustache.js/handlebars.js? Compared with the JavaScript Micro-Templating

Please give examples to explain, thank you very much!

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For a pretty well-rounded comparison see

It includes a lot of considerations and a good 'in-the-field' approach.

Moreover, it's from LinkedIn so you can trust it's pretty thorough.


Only real omission is Hogan from Twitter, likely because it was (and still is) a new kid on the block . Like Handlebars based on Mustache. Functionality is in between Mustache and Handlebars. Performance 5/5.

I use Hogan both on the client-side and with Nodejs on the server-side and it's really great working with it once you get the hang of it.


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thank you very much! this is what I want! – fejustin Jun 13 '12 at 15:36

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