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I know we can get the heading by loading the string into the

$doc = DOMDocument::loadXML($xml_str);

And then get the H1 tags like so:

$list = $doc->getElementsByTagName("h1");
for ($i = 0; $i < $list->length; $i++) {
   print($list->item($i)->nodeValue . "<br/>\n");

If i want to change these H1s to H2s I'm a bit lost. I've read about the appendChild(), but that would make things very messy. Is there a way to recursively demote heading tags in a string that contains html? The method would accept the following parameters:

function demoteHeadings($xml_string, $top_level='H2'){
   //if string's highest heading is more than $top_level,
   //we demote all headings in this html by 1 level. i.e. if
   //h1 is found, all h1s, h2s and so on are demoted one level -
   //and we recursively    call this function again;
   if($top_level_in_xml > $top_level) demoteHeadings($output, $top_level);

I hope I make sense. What I'm trying to achieve is auto parsing the headings that my clients enter in their CMS's... They use H1's in the articles, when the title already is a h1. And sometimes, there's also a page title with is a h1, which really messes up the structure on the whole page.

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Would it not be simpler to just use str_ireplace()

$content = str_ireplace(array('<h1>','</h1>'),array('<h2>','</h2>'),$input);
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Thanks. Sometimes when you think too hard the solution might just be too simple to figure out. thanks! –  Vik Jun 13 '12 at 9:20

Since the articles will be in deeper containers, styling them appropriately shouldn't be a problem. However I gather you've already considered that

I will get told off for suggesting regex to parse HTML ... BUT since your clients are entering HTML with a CMS, I gather the syntax of the input is very reliable and the elements have no attributes, so why not simply str_replace?

Ah, Lawrence beat me to it

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Yup @lawrence-cherone beat you to it, but you're just as much appreciated. I feel like an moron. Yes. Of course str_replace will do the trick. Thanks. –  Vik Jun 13 '12 at 9:19

Another variation on the str_ireplace solution but a little bit more robust (takes in account h1 to h100)

function demoteHtmlHeaderTags($html)
        $originalHeaderTags = [];
        $demotedHeaderTags = [];

        foreach(range(100, 1) as $index)
            $originalHeaderTags[] = '<h' . $index .'>';

            $originalHeaderTags[] = '</h' . $index . '>';

            $demotedHeaderTags[] = '<h' . ($index + 1) . '>';

            $demotedHeaderTags[] = '</h' . ($index + 1) . '>';

        return str_ireplace($originalHeaderTags, $demotedHeaderTags, $html);
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