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As per question says. Specifically i want the html.beginform() to have the runat="server" attribute.

Reason is that inside the form I'm placing the login control, which requires the form element to be runat server.

Thanks heaps.


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No, you can forget about this attribute in ASP.NET MVC 3. It cannot be used. Don't use server side controls in an ASP.NET MVC application. They cannot work. Either use a legacy WebForms ASPX view or if you want to work with ASP.NET MVC you will have to replace the ASP.NET Login control with ASP.NET MVC specific things. Create a new ASP.NET MVC 3 application usnig the built-in wizard and look at the AccountController and the corresponding LogOn view.

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Care to elaborate more on why no server side controls in mvc application? – RWendi Jun 13 '12 at 8:46
Because those controls rely on ViewState and PostBack models => things that no longer exist in the ASP.NET MVC pattern. The ASP.NET MVC pattern is quite different than classic WebForms. – Darin Dimitrov Jun 13 '12 at 8:47

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