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I would like to put a common description among a list of change list's , so far i tried this

p4 changelist -o >changelist.txt
notepad changelist.txt

put the desired description in changelist.txt

p4 changelist -i to append the description from changelist.txt

but it will only append the text from chnagelist.txt to a single change list , what i would like to do is append the same description to a list of change list any ideas how to do that .

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Put your 'changelist -i' command into a 'for' loop in your favorite scripting language, iterating over all the changelist numbers you wish to update.

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This doesnot seems to be working , what i woould like to do is: 1. there are some submitted change list's 2. i would like to append some common text in start of description field of each of these change lists, can i use p4sql or any other idea ? –  Blood hound Jul 24 '12 at 9:33
Oh, if they are submitted changelists you have to say 'change -u'. And you have to be the owner of the change, or you have to be an administrator and specify -f. See… –  Bryan Pendleton Jul 26 '12 at 3:06

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