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I have a driver I've written, and I created a symbolic name to it. The symbolic name is ...


... and when I try to access the device object using CreateFile from usermode, I always get error code 3 (Path not found).

I tried using CreateFile with the following paths ...



... and it doesnt work: I always get error code 3

Does someone know why?

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I'm probably wrong, but shouldn't it be CHAR, not WCHAR? (i.e. drop the L). Also, I'm fairly sure you'll need the slashes, hence: "\\\\.\\DosDevices\\somename". Remember you'll always have you use two backslashes per backslash you actually want. – Dave Gamble Jul 9 '09 at 0:09
Has your driver successfully loaded, and during its initialization made those API calls which it needs to make in order to create/advertize a device name? – ChrisW Jul 9 '09 at 0:36

Use WinObj and see whether the symbolic has been created successfully -- the link should show up under GLOBAL??. If not, your driver is faulty.

Btw. \\.\somename is correct.

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