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I'm having an issue where a simple function appears to terminate when it reaches an std::cin request. The compiler throws no warnings or errors and no run-time errors occur, the program simply falls back to main menu.


#include <iostream>
#include <math.h>

using namespace std;

void circle()
    float radius = 0.0f, diameter = 0.0f, circumference = 0.0f, area = 0.0f;
    const float pi = 3.14f;

    cout << "Enter radius." << endl;
    cin >> radius;
    cout << "Radius: " << radius << endl;
    cout << "Diameter: " << 2*radius << endl;
    cout << "Cirumference: " << 2*pi*radius << endl;
    cout << "Area: " << pi * pow(radius, 2) << endl;

The function is called from main() and is successfully called as "Enter radius" appears on the screen, but no input is requested and the last 4 statements are skipped. The program then simply returns to main().

cin is also error free (and continues to work while playing in the main() function) so I don't think it's simply reading a bad character in the stream.

I just can't figure out why circle() quits unexpectedly.

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show us the code for main – Carl Winder Jun 13 '12 at 9:33
Good request. I never added it because I didn't think it relevant at the time. I was wrong. – Mosseman Jun 13 '12 at 10:51
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Well, it works fine on mine computer. Did you debug it and does it really skips those lines? Add

cout << flush;

an the end to flush the buffer and see the results on the screen.

@edit: On, and remember to clean cin buffer before reading from it if you want it to block the executing program and wait for input from a user.

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That was my problem! I never cleaned by cin buffer. main() had another cin. It didn't occur to me that was the issue, hence why I never included the contents of main(). Derp. Thanks for the help! – Mosseman Jun 13 '12 at 11:10

It does the same on my machine when I try and run your code using Visual Studio 2010 on Windows XP.

I managed to fix it by putting getchar(); after the call to circle() in main.

Not sure why this is happening, hopefully someone can shed some more light on it.

EDIT: DUH TO ME! Of course it'll quit, it's because it'll run to the end of main which quits the app.

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cin doesn't request input, but just reads from stdin. So you program will print out

Enter radius.

followed by a new line. Then you can just type the radius and hit return. Did you try that?

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