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I am trying to make all the forms in the page to do something when they are submitted and to prevent their default behavior using this jQuery code:

$("form").not("#loginf").submit(function (){
    var inputs = $(this).serialize();
      url: "pages/"+page+".php",
      type: "POST",  
      data: inputs+'&action='+param,
      cache: false
    }).done(function( html ) {
    }).fail(function (){
        window.location = "/CMS/";

and this html form (just 1 of them):

<form method="POST" name="cpass">
    <span class="brow"><span class="label">סיסמא ישנה:</span><input type="password" name="oldp" /></span>
    <span class="brow"><span class="label">סיסמא חדשה:</span><input type="password" name="newp" /></span>
    <span class="brow"><span class="label">וידוא סיסמא:</span><input type="password" name="rnewp" /></span>
    <span class="brow"><input type="submit" name="cpasssub" value="שנה סיסמא"/></span>

The problam is that the jQuery function doesn't even get executed (i checked by placing an alert there).

What is wrong here?

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you are not passing event in submit(function(event)) – Dhiraj Bodicherla Jun 13 '12 at 9:34
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You missed event arguments within submit

  $("form").not("#loginf").submit(function (event){
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nvm got it to work thanks :) – Dan Barzilay Jun 13 '12 at 9:46

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