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How can I check whether the Control^ is a Button^ in the following code?

System::Void DisableControls(Control ^parent)
    for each (Control^ c in parent->Controls)
       if(c== /*Check for Button*/)
         //Do something
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You can use GetType() and typeid for this:

if (c->GetType() == Button::typeid) { /* ... */ }
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You didn't specify whether you were using WinForms or WPF. The WinForms button, System.Windows.Forms.Button, doesn't have any built-in subclasses, but the WPF button, System.Windows.Controls.Button, does have some subclasses, and if you're using one of those subclasses, you'll miss it if you compare to typeid.

Instead, I'd do a dynamic cast (equivalent to the as keyword in C#), and check for null.

Button b = dynamic_cast<Button^>(c);
if(b != nullptr) { ... }
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You meant to test b, not c, right? –  Ben Voigt Jun 13 '12 at 13:47
Whoops, quite right. Fixed. –  David Yaw Jun 13 '12 at 14:36

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