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I need to give users the ability to switch between SSL and non-SSL communications. To do this, the SSL code looks for a specific command packet, shuts down the SSL stuff and starts normal TCP/IP communications. This works fine. However, when I try to restart everything to run in SSL mode, I get a -2 error from SSL_accept. There must be something I am not cleaning up but I haven't found it after a lot of searching for cleanup suggestions, all of which I've thrown in as shown below:


Hard to believe anything is left to clean up after that!

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You should post more code to know exactly how you are receiving the error. If you make an SSL_get_error of the SSL_accept that fails, what exactly you receive?

Appart from those recommendations, I can see that you are doing a BIO_free, sometimes deppending of the underlying BIO_METHOD it could close the connection, and I assume you are reusing it for the next SSL_accept, wich may be the problem:

Calling BIO_free() may also have some effect on the underlying I/O structure, for example it may close the file being referred to under certain circumstances. For more details see the individual BIO_METHOD descriptions.

From BIO_free man.

If you want to reuse the connection you should check BIO_pop here.

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