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I got similar questions to this but not get satisfied answers. I want to store paragraph in table in sql server 2005. I tried all data types (nvarchar, varchar, text etc.) but when I copy the content, it store only 1st line. Help me.

I am using Sql Server Management Studio and directly copy paste the content into table. And for retrieving I use this code.

String query2 = String.Format("select data from try where roll=55");
SqlCommand cmd2 = new SqlCommand(query2, conn);
SqlDataReader reader2 = cmd2.ExecuteReader();
if (reader2.Read())
        Label1.Text = reader2.GetValue(0).ToString();


where 'data' is multiline content.

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Can we see your ADO.NET code that does the storing? –  HackedByChinese Jun 13 '12 at 11:45
@HackedByChinese Actually, I want to store paragraph manually in sql server 2005. And in I am retrieving it. –  Viktor Jun 13 '12 at 11:48
What do you mean by 'paragraph'? –  Steven Jun 13 '12 at 11:54
@Viktor then can you show us the SQL Query that you are running? –  Blachshma Jun 13 '12 at 11:54
@Steven 'paragraph' means 'multiline' –  Viktor Jun 13 '12 at 11:56

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I did a little test using Sql Server 2008-R2 (So it might be different on 2005):

insert into Test1 (Col1) VALUES('THIS




When selecting, the result DOES look like there are no line-breaks, BUT if you check for char(10) and char(13) - (CRLF) they DO exist in the string...

select col1, REPLACE(REPLACE(col1,CHAR(10), 'X'),CHAR(13), 'Y') as LineBreaks from Test1

Result: enter image description here

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If you set SSMS to return values as text rather than grid (button on toolbar) you can see the line breaks in the text, they aren't displayed in the grid view.

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I have a web application that I help maintain, we store the data from a multiline textbox in SQL server 2008 R2 -- inserted with ADO.Net and Pulled using At first glance it appears that the breaks in the "paragraph" are missing. To recover the line breaks for a printable version of the data, I utilize a quick regular expression to place the breaks back in the web app. The method used to do this is below:

    public static string lineBreakCharsToHTMLBreak(string sourceString)
        // This regex says look for any tab, carriage return or linefeed
        Regex rexNewLine = new Regex("[\\t\\n\\r]");
        sourceString = rexNewLine.Replace(sourceString, "<br>");
        Regex rexDoppleBreak = new Regex("(<br>){2,}");

        sourceString = rexDoppleBreak.Replace(sourceString, "<br>");

        return sourceString;
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