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I am trying to create a simple program using Gstreamer to take the input from a microphone and save it to a mp3 file. I keep getting

Internal data flow error

and can´t seem to find the problem(I am new to Gstreamer). Here is a link to my code:

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It's best to paste the code into your question. I won't even look at it where it is being hosted now. – karlphillip Jun 13 '12 at 14:12

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Your code is not handling return codes from the functions. As a result your in the dark when it fails. Anyway in your code you forgot to link the elements. Right after line 70, also do gst_element_link_many(....);

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Traditionally, the GStreamer package doesn't include support for MP3. However, you can go after codecs and plugins to make it support.

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