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I am trying to implement a full text for set of models. I heard the power of sphinx in its indexing speed and search time. But wild card searches and nearest word match ( Levenshtein distance) are not working in this.

    Post.search 'kar' 
returns no results while 
    Post.search 'karthik' 
returns 10 results matching the exact string. I even tried with star parameter
    Post.search 'kar' , :star => true
 which returns zero results.

I tried with all combinations like 'kar*' , 'krathik~' , etc in lucene flavored full text search engines and it works fine. Am I missing any optional parameters or does sphinx still lacks this feature?

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Have you added something like the following to your config/sphinx.yml file?

min_infix_len: 2
sql_host: localhost
sql_user: root
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Yes my config file looks like this : production: enable_star: 1 min_infix_len: 3 port: 3312 address: mem_limit: 512M max_children: 300 max_matches: 100000 seamless_rotate: 1 preopen_indexes: 1 query_log_file: "RAILS_ROOT/log/searchd.query.log" searchd_log_file: "RAILS_ROOT/log/searchd.log" pid_file: "RAILS_ROOT/log/searchd.production.pid" searchd_file_path: "RAILS_ROOT/db/sphinx/development/" –  karthikselvakumar Jun 14 '12 at 5:20
Its working now Thanks. –  karthikselvakumar Jun 21 '12 at 8:42
but this don't include Levenshtein distance rite? –  anand Sep 25 '13 at 10:32
min_infix_len only sets the infix length cutoff to allow indexing of infixes. Not related to Levenshtein distance, but having indexed infixes "allows to implement wildcard searching by 'start*', 'end', and '*middle' wildcards", via sphinxsearch.com/docs/archives/1.10/conf-min-infix-len.html –  badams Oct 1 '13 at 21:48

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