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I just started using Eclipse but already I have a small problem. At first within Eclipse I saw a browser that showed me packages, folders and files on the left. Now it's no longer there. I have gone through I think ever menu item but I still cannot find a way to get this into view.

Can some experienced Eclipse (latest download) user point me in the right direction.

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Try: Window -> Show View... -> Package Explorer (default shortcut: Alt+Shift+Q, P)

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You can try the button in lower left corner of Eclipse window. If your view is not in popup menu, try 'Other' and choose whatever you like. In your case it's eiser 'Project explorer' or 'Package explorer'

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Since you are new to eclipse, I suggest to use the default perspective layout. A perspective is a collection of views and their layout. To reset perspective, Use Window -> Reset perspective.

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