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I am using fiddler as reverse proxy, my query is how we can change the https request to http using fiddler. I am trying to create a rule which can change the incoming request which is https and return as http.

Is this possible by editing rules in fiddler? Any suggestions?

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You didn't say what you tried already? It's not clear what you mean by "return as HTTP"-- a HTTPS request can be easily routed to a HTTP endpoint, but when the client gets the response, it's going to be over HTTPS.

You can easily change the scheme of a request:

if (!oSession.isHTTPS && !oSession.HTTPMethodIs("CONNECT") && 
  oSession.oRequest.headers.UriScheme = "https";

I assume you've already figured out how to get Fiddler to act as a reverse proxy for HTTPS. It's non-obvious, but well-covered in the new Fiddler book.

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