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Every comunication that is made without cable, everybody can listen but no everybody can understand. So, when i call someone with my phone, or send a sms my cellp phone send information, i want that my pc know this (I know that both have to the same frecuency). Or some site or material to start with it. I have a android.

It's like make a operator comunication, just that is my cell phone with my pc and not my cell phone with the operator Thanks

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Do you want to trace/snoop/record the communication between phone and mobile network? Do you want to use the computer to transport traffic from/to the phone, i.e. have the computer act as a phone? –  Bernd Jun 13 '12 at 16:01
No i dont. I just want comunicate the phone with a pc. And is this the way that the companies does the comunication. I want this because im trying to make telecomunication cheap or free. In to many countries is very expensive. I know programming and how make this work. But i dont know this basic thing of telecomunication. I think how i says, that is the way the companies make the comunication. A cell phone comunicate with the tower(PC, device), tower to the central, central to other tower and tower to the destination cell phone. –  Juan Pedro Jun 13 '12 at 20:49

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Please have a look at OpenBTS. It is an (experimental) open source implementation of a BTS (base transceiver station), the network node that handles the radio communication. Similar OpenBSC.

What you want to do is huge. You will need special hardware.

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