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My jqgrid filterToolbar work fine when jqgrid are loaded.
Initially after the jqgrid are completed i can any search with filterToolbar local very well. The main jqgrid options are:

      strong texturl:'/myapp/crud',
      datatype: 'json',
      mtype: 'POST',
      loadonce: true,
$("#list").jqGrid('filterToolbar',{stringResult: true,searchOnEnter : true, defaultSearch:"cn"});

But sometimes i want to reload or refresh datas from server.
So, i do this with js function:

function refreshJq(){

Called the refreshJq function, the jqgrid are reloaded fine.
I can sort the column too without problem.
BUT, the filterToolbar stop work after the submit/reloadgrid.
I canĀ“t search with filterToolbar in local.
Any Idea!?

Best regards!

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If you want to get answers on your questions you should start to accept old one. Please reread FAQ to use stackoverflow correctly. –  Oleg Jun 14 '12 at 10:39
Agreed. A lot of effort has already gone into answering your questions - see here, here, and here –  Justin Ethier Jun 14 '12 at 16:58

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