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I declared a button:

<button id="create" type="button">add div</button>

and I want to add a new div element to the document body everytime I click on the button using the jQuery UI dialog box, like this:

var form = $("<div>", {id:"form"});

                "type" : "text",
                "id" : "user-input"
        width: 600,
        buttons: {
            "Ok": function() {
                var new_div = $("<div>").html($("#user-input").val()).addClass("destiny_div");

The first time I click on the button it works fine, but the second time, the text that I write into the input text box does not get updated with the new value, instead it takes the first placed value.

For example, if the first time I type "hello" and click on the "ok" button, a new div will be added to the body with the text "hello" in it, but when I do it a second time, now typing "goodbye", a new div will be added, but with the text "hello" in it, instead of "goodbye".

Here is the code I have:

Any ideas on why it is working like this? Thanks

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Your dialog is beeing appended every time you insert a div. So the second time you cliock the button, it still takes the first #user-input out of the first dialog. So you have to remove the form after closing the dialog by using the close-Parameter:

close: function () {

Have a look on your update jsfiddle:

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Thank you thank you! StackOverflow rocks! – user1072910 May 18 '13 at 0:27

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