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I have Vim (7.3) installed on a Debian (testing), i recently switched to using gVim more than command line Vim (for the colorschemes and undercurl of misspelled words).

Now I coded some Haskell and miss the nice Syntastic errors. And when I type :SyntasticCheck nothing happens and if I activate the ErrorsToggle function to get a QuickFix window - i get a message:

Error detected while processing function ErrorsToggle:

E776: No location list

I understand that there is no list that the quickfix window can open, but i don't know why there is none, as i previously invoked SyntasticCheck, which should have created a location list.

If I open the same file in command line Vim - everything is all right. My installed plugins, .vimrc and .gvimrc can be found at


gVim is working with syntastic if i call gvim myfile.hs from the commandline but if I navigate to the file via ex commands and then open the file it is not working.

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I think you should install ghc-mod:

cabal install ghc-mod

I had a similar issue and that solved it. It seems that Syntastic uses it: (line 18)

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ghc-mod is already installed - otherwise the syntax checker in vim wouldn't work - it is only in gVim where the problem occurs. – epsilonhalbe Aug 15 '12 at 13:53

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