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Currently in my PHP-based applications I use a file, for instance services.php and call it via AJAX to return the appropriate data.

To call a certain method, I send a parameter in the GET. For instance services.php?action=read_article. From this point, it'll hit a huge switch statement until it finds the appropriate case and returns the data I'm looking for.

Technically, everything works properly, but I can't help but feel that it isn't the right way to do it.

Is there a better way to implement web services in PHP?

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Judging from your description there is, but take into account there is no golden way that fits everything, so if your project works well as it is, and there are no bottlenecks in the way your code executes it at the moment, then your way can also be the best way ;) –  Cninroh Jun 15 '12 at 15:38

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The action switch is fine, if your using OOP you can have it call various methods to keep it small like..

switch ($_GET['action']) {
    case "blah":
        return $this->doBlah();
    case "foo":
        return $this->doFoo();
        return $this->doError();

Alternatively you could do what other frameworks do and map a URL into a method like..


Maps to class "Services" and method "Read" take a look at Codeigniter for how they do this.

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Here is a very nice tutorial on how to create a RESTful api using PHP.

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Use something like amfphp, it integrates into many languages and apps, and you can write your own service classes to handle almost any input/output based on what you need. I reuse the same service for iphone, android and pc. link: http://www.silexlabs.org/amfphp/

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