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I want to use a SIM-card reader as my hardware for my thesis. With it, my PC can send SMS to someone's cell phone. What kind of system is the best for the kind of software I want to use? As I first planned, I wanted to do a security system that will notify my phone if someone attempts to open my PC, but I got a lot of bad feedback on that project, so now I am thinking of another kind of project related to the one I first proposed. Can you help me out?

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If you want to send sms, you need more than just a sim card reader; you will also need a GSM transceiver module. (or CDMA/UMTS/TDMA/etc depending on your local telephone network...)

A simple (and relatively cheap) way of getting a GSM transceiver is to use an old mobile phone, which has a remote access connection. The ones listed on Gnokii's supported list and Gammu's phone db are usually easy to work with...

If you're going to use a standalone GSM transceiver (like http://www.gsm-modem.de/gsm-module.html), then you have to interface with it to send/receive your sms, and also to read from/write to your sim card.

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i know everything about the hardware part of it. what i wanted to have is your opinion on what kind of system can i incorporate in the kind of hardware i have. please help me out. thanks. –  ian cristin Jul 9 '09 at 5:21
can i have your ym so i can ask you some questions? –  ian cristin Jul 9 '09 at 5:31