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I need to know which version control systems support "single checkout"? When I say single checkout (or single user checkout), I mean that only one person may have a file checked out at a time.

So far, I know of Visual Source Safe (VSS) and Team Foundation Server (TFS). Can you add any other systems to this list?

The reason I ask is that the big boss where I work is wary of introducing complexity to his small team and would prefer to avoid using a system where the "merge methodology" is prevalent. Right now they use VSS, but I am trying to convince them to get away from it since I know that it is roundly considered to be a really bad product which will eventually corrupt your data and lose your entire check-in history.

SVN with setting svn:needs-lock sounds like it might work. (See Single user checkout in SVN ) Is there a way to have that setting system-wide?

Any other options?

Thank You.

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Check out In the first table, look for "Merge or lock" under "Concurrency model". There's several results.

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Thank you very much. – Wayne Bloss Jun 13 '12 at 15:19

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