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I want to display image dynamically in a list. I have two columns in a list. The first column contains some numerical values and other contains smiley icon. My requirement is, if number in first column is greater than 50, I want happy smiley to be appear in a second column in a list, and sad smiley for less than 50 number. Currently I use hyperlink column to display image in a list. And I am adding image manualy.

I am looking forward, if it is possible to automatically display image based on first column number. Something like calculated columns. Lets say,

HyperLink/Picture Formula:

 column   =IF([someNumer]>50, "href = c:\Test\happySmiley.ico", "href= c:\Test\happySad.ico" )

I was wondering if we could do something like this, or any other suggestion is appreciated..

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1 Answer

You are looking for KPI indicators.

You can also find great overview here: How to create a SharePoint KPI column

And also check similar question on SPSE: Make all KPI Status Icons in diamond shape

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