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I'm creating a Visual Studio 2010 extension using a Package template, not an Add-in.

I want to add a menu item to the "Organize Usings" menu group that appears when you right-click in a .cs file. To do this, I need the guid and the id of that menu group.

<Button guid="myCmdSet" id="myButton" priority="0x0100" type="Button">
    <Parent guid="guidSHLMainMenu (I think?)" id="???" />
    <Icon guid="guidImages" id="bmpPic1" />
      <ButtonText>Do Stuff</ButtonText>

I have looked here and here and here. Basically all around MSDN. Are these published, and does anyone know what they are?

EDIT: I found the related menu via this method, but I still don't have a way to find the menu group GUID/ID, which is what I really want.

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Try recording a temporary macro and execute that command. It should encode into the macro. –  Preet Sangha Jun 13 '12 at 15:11
That doesn't work because I'm not trying to get a command ID. –  lettucemode Jun 13 '12 at 15:34

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OMG, I've spend 3 hours on this :D Here's the solution:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<CommandTable xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/2005-10-18/CommandTable" xmlns:xs="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">
  <Extern href="stdidcmd.h"/>
  <Extern href="vsshlids.h"/>
  <Extern href="msobtnid.h"/>
  <Commands package="guidVSPackage1Pkg">
      <Button guid="guidCSharpGrpId" id="mySuperCommand" priority="0x0200" type="Button">
        <Parent guid="guidCSharpGrpId" id="IDG_CSHARP_CTX_ORGANIZE" />
        <Icon guid="guidImages" id="bmpPic1" />
          <ButtonText>My super command</ButtonText>
      <Bitmap guid="guidImages" href="Resources\Images_32bit.bmp" usedList="bmpPic1, bmpPic2, bmpPicSearch, bmpPicX, bmpPicArrows"/>
    <!-- This is the package guid. -->
    <GuidSymbol name="guidVSPackage1Pkg" value="{F066e284-dcab-11d2-b551-00c04f68d4db}" />
    <GuidSymbol name="guidCSharpGrpId" value="{5d7e7f65-a63f-46ee-84f1-990b2cab23f9}">
      <IDSymbol name="IDG_CSHARP_CTX_ORGANIZE" value="0x3618" />
      <IDSymbol name="mySuperCommand" value="0x0100" />
    <GuidSymbol name="guidImages" value="{cff24f4c-767f-48ee-aff4-6bdf8218cba0}" >
      <IDSymbol name="bmpPic1" value="1" />
      <IDSymbol name="bmpPic2" value="2" />
      <IDSymbol name="bmpPicSearch" value="3" />
      <IDSymbol name="bmpPicX" value="4" />
      <IDSymbol name="bmpPicArrows" value="5" />

You must place guidCSharpGrpId and IDG_CSHARP_CTX_ORGANIZE because they're not available in "standard" set of id's. By "standard" I'mean those placed in VisualStudioIntegration\Common\Inc directory within *.h files. They're hidden in cslangsvcui.dll library.

To get these ID's I've used VS Command Table PowerToy. You can download it from here: http://archive.msdn.microsoft.com/VSCTPowerToy

Check this also as this thread: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/vsx/thread/697245ac-1596-4d6a-b55c-f5b01b69a583

In case that this solution won't work for you because some guids, etc. I've put zipped project on my SkyDrive: https://skydrive.live.com/#cid=6A19F3A9B7B8E017&id=6A19F3A9B7B8E017!16486

Hope this helps :)

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Yea, that social.msdn forum link is actually my question :) I've had the solution for a while now but couldn't find a way to delete the bounty. But since you put the time in... –  lettucemode Jun 25 '12 at 12:22

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