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I developed a module to display submenus as stand alone module, every thing works fine untill the sef is enabled, the item id does not change to the correct one

<ul class="list2">

                    <?php foreach ($items as $row) :?>

                        //$router = JSite::getRouter();
                        if ($router->getMode() == JROUTER_MODE_SEF) {

                            $link = $router->build($row->link);
                            echo $_REQUEST['Itemid'];
                            //$link =$row->alias;
                        }else {
                            $link = $row->link.'&Itemid='.$row->id;


I tried using the JSITE::route even router->build and tried to reset $_Request['Itemid'] and nothing worked

what I do wrong, any help please ?

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found the solution, just need to change the item id before creating the link

$link = $router->build($row->link);

hopfully this will help other developers :)

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