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I am writing a few tests in vbscript for an application that I am working on, and I need to select one option out of several in a combo box. Does anyone know how to do this? The way I am currently "selecting" the option is

Browser("main_browser").Page("main_page").WebEdit("teams").Set "Thunder"

This will make this field equal to "Thunder", but the application does not recognize this as the "Thunder" choice in my combobox, merely a string with the value "Thunder" that has been injected, so to speak.

By the way, I am using quick test pro as an environment.

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you can use index of option value to set in drop down –  4M01 Jun 14 '12 at 10:31
Try recording the selection, and look at the code. –  TheBlastOne Jun 14 '12 at 16:53
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Are you sure the combo box is a real combo box (a SELECT HTML tag)?

When QTP sees a select tag it identifies it as a WebList and not as a WebEdit as you listed. Then you can perform WebList.Select which does a native selection (and not Set). It could be that you don't have a read HTML combo-box, instead you have an edit-box that simulates a combo-box and then .Set just sets the text.

If you are unable to recognise the control as a WebEdit you will have to examine the HTML to see what event causes the selection of the field to change and use WebEdit.FireEvent in order to simulate a human's interaction.

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