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I am using QT5 alpha for developing a QML app for a linux based tablet. The app gets slow upon having a certain number of qml widgets. I need to know how much time is spent to render each frame. Which component performs the rendering of the qml scenegraph and how can I compute frame time?


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You need to checkout qtdeclarative module. Rendering class is in src/quick/scenegraph/coreapi/ check qsgdefaultrenderer.cpp. However it may not help, because scenegraph renders everything at once. Each QML item is translated into much simplier nodes. Those nodes then combined into a list and then whole list is rendered. You may want to use QML profiler which comes with QT Creator.

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Have you looked at the QML profiler in Qt Creator? In addition to rendering time it displays the cost of binding evaluation, component creation, and signal handling.

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