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I'm using Switchvox, an Asterisk PBX and I'd like to host it on EC2.

Digium Switchvox provides an ISO which contains everything needed to host the pbx server: OS, software, etc. It's basically an image of the server.

How do I instantiate a new EC2 instance using the custom ISO they're providing?

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You can't install an Operating System on EC2. EC2 boxes are virtual boxes with custom settings and software needed to operate as part of the Amazon Cloud.

For example, if you installed a new operating system on an EC2 box, how would you get access to it? What would its IP Address be? How would it know how to communicate with the Management Studio API Servers: report its status, respond to remote reboot/terminate requests. It would no longer be a part of EC2.

You'll have to upload the software and install it onto an existing EC2 OS rather than installing a new OS. There is a fair amount of support online for doing this for Asterix PBX:


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I'm not sure I agree. Why does Amazon provide tools for importing and building your own image? –  doremi Jun 13 '12 at 16:36
Yes, AMI (Amazon Machine Image) - not a random iso image you got from a 3rd party. You can take a basic Amazon Server, Install a load of stuff on it and set up it up a certain way then you can take an AMI Image of the server and launch another server using that image, or share the image with other users. –  reach4thelasers Jun 13 '12 at 16:47
Gotcha. Thank you all for your help. –  doremi Jun 13 '12 at 18:22
Sorry but this is plain wrong. See my own answer below. –  pdeschen Aug 1 '13 at 1:18
This answer is no longer correct, but I cannot delete until it is unaccepted –  reach4thelasers Jul 29 at 14:26

From this ISO, you can create either a VMware or VirtualBox image. Form there, you may convert this image into an EC2 AMI image and go from there.

Just make sure you are using the same arch (32 v. 64) and proper kernel.

That being said, you might get into more operations then simply fire up an existing vanilla AMI available from the community. There might be one that closely match your OS requirements.

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Agreed. This is what we do. Get your VHD or VMDK file. Import it and upload it. Search for ImportInstance and ec2-upload-disk-image. –  MJM Apr 3 at 15:04

You can create a VMware virtual machine using your custom ISO and move it from your VMware host to EC2. Read more: VM Import/Export

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Currently it is rather difficult to install a new virtual machine (Amazon EC2 instance or AMI) using a private ISO via the EC2 management console. The typical workaround is to install it locally in your private data center, say in VMware ESXi and then try to import that into AWS which is a rather painful process. Also, it is not possible to attach a CD-ROM and run your ISO in EC2 .Whatever you attach at /dev/sda1 becomes your boot device. However, you can only attach an EBS volume at that level, not an ISO.

However it is possible to achieve the result by using nested virtualization. For example with Ravello, uploading an ISO file is as simple as uploading your files to dropbox. Once the file is in your library in Ravello simply add the CD-ROM device to your VM and select your customer ISO file from your library. There are step by step instructions here: http://www.ravellosystems.com/blog/install-iso-image-aws-google-cloud/

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Only Windows Server 2008 variants can be converted from VMDK to AMI.

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There is a way to mount EBS volume to your linux host. It could be done by ec2-attach-volume from EC2 CLI Tools.

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