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I have a actionSave class which extends AbstractAction.I use it for save button. somewhere else i want to run the same instant of it which was used for the button. I came to conclusion to use it as below but i do not know what to pass as argument?

model.getActionSave().actionPerformed("what should i add here for action event");
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Extract the code of the actionPerformed() method into another method without argument, and call this method instead:

public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {

public void save() {


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Just create your own ActionEvent, it has a public constructor. E.g.

 new ActionEvent( this, ActionEvent.ACTION_PERFORMED, "Save" )

If you are e.g. testing your UI, you can also opt to perform a click on the button through the API:


But in general I prefer the first approach, and avoid the coupling with the UI

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