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(Camel 2.9.2)

Very simple use case, but I can't seem to find the answer. My code boils down to this:

String user = "user";
String password = "foo&bar";

String uri = "smtp://hostname:25?username=" + user +
    "&password=" + password + 
    "&"; // etc. You get the idea


Camel throws a ResolveEndpointFailedException with "Unknown parameters=[{bar=null}]."

If I try "foo%26bar," I get the same result.

If I try "foo&bar" camel responds with "Unknown parameters=[{amp;bar=null}]."

I tried using URISupport to create the URI. It escapes the & to %26, and then I get "Unknown parameters=[{bar=null}]" again.

Any ideas?

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You can specify the password as part of the authority of the uri, eg in the front. Also the & should be escaped to %26, but there was a bug in Camel that didnt parse the escaped value to well. Try 2.10 when its out.

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Is there a JIRA for the & bug. I'm running into a problem using %26 in version 2.13.0 – JustinKSU Jun 17 '14 at 23:29

As from Camel 2.11 you could use raw syntax

For instance:


In the above example, we have declare the password value as raw, and the actual password would be as typed, eg se+re?t&23

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The RAW() syntax works, yet it is Camel-proprietary syntax. In our usecase it burdened following processing of URI.

We used alternative solution: component configured as using raw URIs (Component.useRawUri() == true). Component parameters are then simply once encoded (foo%26bar) and pass through Camel without change. I consider this solution better as percent-sign encoding is standard way of expressing sensitive characters.

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