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I have searched all morning and yesterday afternoon and still cannot find an solution to my problem. It would be wonderful if you would help.

I am working on an xsl-fo file that will be translated to PDF format with apache fop. I am trying to use parameters to modify xpaths to my xml file. It is a much more complicated system than the example following, but I have simplified it to the root of the problem.

Suppose my xml file looks like:


What I am trying to do is use a template parameter to access these values like so:

Declaration of parameter

<xsl:param name="state" select="whyoming"/>


<xsl:value-of select="concat(/sc931/, $state, /train/miles)"/>

But this call does not work because the concat function returns a string rather than a pointer to the proper node. What is the correct way to use a template parameter to modify an address given to a value-of statement?

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Before XSLT 3.0 there is no dynamic XPath evaluation but for your simple case it should suffice to use <xsl:value-of select="/sc931/*[local-name() = $state]/train/miles"/>.

[edit]I overlooked that your param is defined as <xsl:param name="state" select="whyoming"/>, you need to change that to <xsl:param name="state" select="'whyoming'"/> for my suggestion to work.

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You are my savior! Thank you Martin!! – user1454141 Jun 13 '12 at 18:00

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