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is there any comprehensive list of all the conversion patters available for log4net, I can't even find them in the source code.

all i have found is this, shouldn't there be more patterns. for example how would i get the name of the hosting application?

another question is how can i add my own patters?

just as an example here is the comparable list but for nlog

Edit: I have found the Pattern for application name its [Application] but i'm still looking for the mother-load. can someone at least point me to the class in the source that manages these. maybe i could find the list from there.

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As far as the official list of patterns go, I think you found it! :)

As far as getting name of hosting application, isn't that the appdomain conversion pattern name? Not sure why it's needed as the AppDomain.ToString() overload returns application friendly name in the a pattern...ahh...hang on, ToString() also includes context policies, and they are probably extra noise in this context.

As far as adding your own patterns, 10 seconds with Google returned this link.

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