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I'm wanting to create a personal application that will be of use to me (the main reason for the program is to help with how my program should be structured). I'll explain what I'm wanting to do and then ask the questions at the end in bold.

I have a dozen or so tv shows that I like to keep up with; however, I don't always remember when the seasons start. So I would like to make an app that will go to IMDB and get the following information: number of seasons, each episode name for each season, rating, and perhaps url to the image of the show.

I have looked and noticed there was an API by a fellow StackOverflow programmer, however it seems to only get base information. For instance, if you search House MD it only gets information for the 2004 show. Are there any APIs that provide more information? Or will I have to write my own class to take care of this? (I can get all the show IDs as its only a dozen or so shows that I want to keep up with)

Features that I want in my application:

  • Check for new episodes of said shows twice daily (probably around 7PM and 9PM)
  • Neatly display show, seasons, and episodes of each tv show
  • Notification of when a new season starts (sometimes IMDB has information of when the next season starts)
  • Possibly a way to make episodes as seen (defaulted to not seen)

An example of what I want my application to display:

House MD  + rating
    + Season 8 (newest season first)
        - episode 1    air date
        - episode 2    air date
        - ....
        - episode 22   air date
    + Season 7
        - episode 1    air date
        - ....
    + Season...

Next show + rating
    + Season #
        - episode

 ... and so on

So my questions are:

  • What are some classes I should create for this project? Please also give a description of what you think the classes should do. (I have problems differentiating my Gui with my other classes)
  • Are there any public APIs that might help me with this? Or will I have to write my own IMDB grabber class?
  • Can anyone suggest what my Gui should look like? (I'm asking if anyone has written or seen a nice Gui that I can imitate for this kind of project)

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. I have no time limit on when I want to have this finished, I'm just looking to learn new things and benefit from having a useful program.

I found a rough idea of what I want to do with the Gui. So that just leaves one question remaining

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IMDB provides undocumented APIs as discussed in this answer.

There is also an unofficial API at http://www.imdbapi.com/

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Thank you, I've actually checked both of those links out prior and if I understood them correctly, they are still fairly limited as to what they return. Ie. I wouldn't be able to get season numbers and episodes back. However, I could have overlooked it and be wrong. –  WilliamShatner Jun 13 '12 at 18:17
From what I can tell those are your best options. If they can't get you what you need you will probably have to write a scrapper to parse the info out of their web pages. Of course then you will forever be fixing your application every time they update their site. Plus it's probably a violation of their Terms of Service. –  Dave Rager Jun 13 '12 at 18:23
Yeah it is against their TOS; however, it isn't going to be used for anyone but myself. If I have to write a scraper I will, but I'll take a better look at the unofficial APIs first. Thanks for the reply, if you have answers to the other questions, feel free to append it to your post:) –  WilliamShatner Jun 13 '12 at 18:45
ImdbAPI.com has been shut down by a C&D letter by IMDB. Take note if you are planning on building something similar that violates the Terms of Service of IMDB (e.g. a public scraper). –  WordPress Developer Sep 4 '12 at 7:31

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