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I'm developing an Iphone app. This application is used for storing user's personal data. For the security purpose we are looking to provide a new feature in our application, user can access the data after logged-in to the application. The issue is we need to provide "voice Authentication". Means, user can save a word like "hi" as his password by recording it. If he needs to log-in to our application he should speak the word "hi". And the two sounds are compared and if they match then user will be authenticated and log-in will be allowed. Is such a application is possible ? Is it possible to compare the voices in Iphone?

I researched on these links, but didn't get an Idea. Please help me.

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If you are new to iOS dev, something as complex as voice recognition software will probably be very difficult. I'm not an expert myself, but I'm not aware of any off-the-shelf voice recognition code that would be useful too you either. Best of luck. – CatShoes Jun 13 '12 at 18:05

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