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I'm trying to add an image gallery function to the original lightbox -- I'm utilizing it in an addon to ContentFlow, and want the user to be able to navigate the previous and next pictures after they choose an image.

Please help!

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First off you need a backend either you upload your image with ftp to a folder or you can create a plugin or a widget with your favourite cms. Then for the grid you can use the Jquery plugin masonry. In fact it's sort the image like a treemap but it's perfect for any horizontal grid, too. Above the grid you can add the Jquery Anything Slider to navigate through each category. When you click on a grid thumbnail it can open a lightbox.

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This may be helpful or not but I wrote a skin for the image gallery software Jalbum that integrates a number of Lightboxes (not the original Lightbox though) with ContentFlow. Here is the Link

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