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How can I execute a shell script before building my targets in a Makefile, and see the output as it runs?

I have a script called that generates a bunch of .pyx files. The .pyx files are the starting point of my build process involving make. It goes from .pyx -> .c -> .o -> .so

I don't like having to run separately prior to make. I'd like make to run it for me.

I got it to work but I don't see the output of the command. I'd like to see it. This is what I have now:


NOTHING:=$(shell ./

PYXS?=$(wildcard merged/*.pyx)
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you could just call the 'make' command in or you could completely separate them and use ./ && make, all you have to do then is hit up (in most shells) to recall the command. – eqzx Jun 13 '12 at 18:45

Redirect the output of your script to stderr. In this case you also can get rid of dummy NOTHING variable:

$(shell ./ >&2)


Another option is to execute the script inside a recipe which runs prior to everithing else:

.PHONY : prepare
prepare :

-include prepare

See also: the original Beta's answer with this hack, GNU Make manual entry explaining how it works.

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