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I'm creating a XYStepChart using JFreeChart and my dataset is as sent to me as (TimeStamp, X1, X2). I'm required to plot X1 for a given timestamp, however I would want to use the value of X2 as the label for the given point.

Can someone please guide me in achieving this? I tried the following:

XYItemLabelGenerator itemLabelGenerator = new StandardXYItemLabelGenerator();
plot.getRenderer().setSeriesItemLabelsVisible(0, true);

But this just shows the value of X1 as labels. Any suggestions?

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For most cases, you can use the ArgumentIndex values recognized by the StandardXYItemLabelGenerator, as shown here. For finer control, you can override generateLabel() in a subclass.

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Thanks @trashgod for the suggestion. I achieved my requirement by overriding generateLabel() method. It worked :) – Sujay Jun 13 '12 at 19:58

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