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I have a column of JSON strings in my SQL table. I want to extract the 'page' value, any idea how? {"action.type":"click","page":1424}

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Using Hive actually :( –  Donny P Jun 13 '12 at 18:59
Just got a pure SQL version working. –  David East Jun 13 '12 at 19:26

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Hive actually has a command just for that get_json_object

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Here is a pure SQL version.

DECLARE @json varchar(64);
DECLARE @index int;
SELECT @json = '{"action.type":"click","page":1424}';
DECLARE @length int = LEN(@json);
DECLARE @pageIndex int = CHARINDEX('page":', @json);
DECLARE @difference int = @length - (@pageIndex + 6); -- 6 is for page":
SELECT @index =  CHARINDEX('page', @json);
SELECT SUBSTRING(@json, @index + 6, @difference);

This will give you a result of 1424

It is really long-winded, but it shows step-by-step how it get's that value. You can easily refactor that into a stored procedure.

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