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I have a piece of Python code that is supposed to open a new window for a period of time and then close the window. The window is triggered by clicking a button. Here is the basics of what I have.

def restore(self):
    self.restore = Toplevel()

    message = "Select an available Backup to Restore to."

    Label(self.restore, text=message).pack()
    # We then create and entry widget, pack it and then
    # create two more button widgets as children to the frame.

    for name in os.listdir("."): 
        if os.path.isdir(name):
            self.button = Button(self.restore, text=name,command=self.restoreCallBack)

def restoreCallBack(self):
    self.restoreCB = Toplevel()

    message = "Please wait while the database is restored..."
    Label(self.restoreCB, text=message, padx=100, pady=20).pack()



I need the restoreCallBack window to be displayed for 5 seconds, then the windows to close. Thanks!

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Have a look at the after method. e.g.:


You shouldn't use sleep in (the main thread of) a GUI -- The entire thing will just freeze.

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This worked perfectly, thank you! –  Brad Conyers Jun 13 '12 at 19:50

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