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I am writing something and I wanted to take advantage of Linux API for logging, I wanted to put the logs of my app to different files, so I added those lines to rsyslog.conf

if $programname == 'RearWindowDaemon' then /var/log/RearWindowDaemon.log 
if $programname == 'RearWindow' then /var/log/RearWindow.log

but something is not working, even with this simple code:

int main()
syslog(LOG_ERR,"some err");
syslog(LOG_ERR,"other err");

I get the logs to /var/log/syslog and not to /var/log/RearWindow.

Should I do anything more? I am using XUbuntu 11.10 if it matters.

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Probably it's late a bit. But what I can understand, you should compile your code such that it produces the binary with name 'RearWindow'. $programname checks if logs are coming from a process with the specified name not that the log contains the string 'RearWindow'. Hopefully this helps.

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