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is possible to generate an HTML page using Ruby on Rails framework without using a webserver? I want do something like this:

html = RailsHTMLGenerator.generate('path/to/rails/root', '/posts/540')
puts html

The first parameter is the Rails.root, the second is the HTTP path, and the function return the HTML of that page as string.

Someone can tell me how to do this? Ty.

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Are you accessing this information from another app ? , –  Rishav Rastogi Jun 13 '12 at 19:39

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I've found a solution:

require '/path/to/application.rb'
app = APPName::Application.initialize!
session = ActionDispatch::Integration::Session.new(app)
session.get '/'
puts session.body
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Well, you can do that from the Rails console

app.get '/foo'

This is how the console is initialized in case you want to try this approach:


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