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I've set up authentication with the Foursquare API and my Rails app, and now it's time to add functionality. I am not too proficient with Rails - it is not my first language. I want to allow a merchant to connect with Foursquare (Working) and then direct the merchant to a page where they can see unique visitors to their venue, the number of checkins to the venue, and who the mayor of the venue is. I know what endpoints to use, I'm just not sure how to implement them in rails. (Access Token, etc.)


After Answer

I'm trying to implement Turd Ferguson's answer, but I'm not getting anywhere. I keep getting an error saying the method is undefined. I want to try a simple venue search as soon as the user is authenticated. (Create Action)

Also, I'm using OmniAuth for authentication.


class SessionsController < ApplicationController

  require 'foursquare'

  def create
    auth_hash = request.env['omniauth.auth']
    venues = Foursquare::search_venues("starbucks")
    render :text => venues

  def failure

  def destroy
    session[:user_id] = nil
    render :text => "Logged out!"

  def callback
      code = params[:code]
      @access_token = foursquare.access_token(code, callback_session_url)
      session[:access_token] = @access_token

      redirect_to examples_path


foursquare.rb class Foursquare

  def self.search_venues(text)
    client.search_venues(:ll => '36.142064,-86.816086', :query => text)

  def self.client

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Have you looked into using a gem such as foursquare2?

Using the gem you could create a Foursquare class like:

class Foursquare

    def self.search_venues(text)
        client.search_venues(:ll => '36.142064,-86.816086', :query => text)

    def self.client
        @client ||= => 'your_client_id', :client_secret => 'your_secret')

You could then call this anywhere you wanted by doing something like:

venues = Foursquare::search_venues "foobar"
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I saw this gem before, but I just read into the documentation and it will support what I need to do. Where exactly do I call the functions? For example, in which file should I instantiate the client? – Slicekick Jun 13 '12 at 19:55
I've updated my answer to include an example of how to create a class that you could statically call. I would recommend putting this class in your lib directory. You may have to restart your rails app after adding it for rails to pick up on the new file – Kyle Decot Jun 13 '12 at 20:25
I see, that makes sense. I'll accept your answer once I can successfully implement it. – Slicekick Jun 13 '12 at 20:48
I restarted the app, but I get an error saying undefined method search_venues' for Foursquare:Module`... any ideas? – Slicekick Jun 13 '12 at 20:53
Wouldn't it be Foursquare2::Venues::search_venues ? Or am I reading the API wrong? – MBHNYC Jun 13 '12 at 21:15

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